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Really Old Blog Crap: Jennicam

(Clyde note:  I had a follow up to this article but I can't find it.   If I find that article and didn't delete it, I'll stick it back up on the blog.  Anyway, she isn't lost anymore, but she dumped old Dex  Further update:  That post previously mentioned was mostly a video which no longer worked so it would be pointless of me to repost it.   Anyway, if I hear anymore or come across any of these videos I will update again.)
I ran across this old Letterman clip on You Tube today.(Clyde note:  this was written several years ago.  The Letterman clip is no longer available.)  It's in regards to a guest appearance by Jennifer Ringley of Jennicam who was a hot item back in the internet days of old. I wonder how many of you can even remember Jennicam.
In 1996, she put a webcam in her college room dorm so people could watch her do whatever it was she was doing, and a phenomenon was born. It's strange to think that most people have forgotten about her, and that web cams have now become common place. Think of Jenni as being the original EdTV or The The Truman Show . So what happened to Jenni?

After seven years, Jennicam went dark on January 1, 2004 (midnight of Dec 31, to be precise). She cited the fact that PayPal had a new policy against frontal nudity as one of the reasons. Others believe that it was because nobody really cared to watch her increasingly staid and boring lifestyle anymore.

In mid 2000, Jenni not only stole her best friend's fiancé, Dex, she did it by taking him home and having sex with him live on her web cam, which was how the best friend found out about it. Worst yet, for all of Jennifer's preaching about letting people have an honest and open view into her life, she failed to inform her fans where her new love, Dex, had come from. Making it worse, she had no words of apology for the best friend who had helped Jenni move out to California and find a place to live. Frankly, after seeing pictures of old Dex I am instantly reminded of the Geico Caveman so my question would have been why either one of them would want the guy. I guess love is blind as Jenni wrote of him the morning after having stole him away:

He is a miracle to me, he is the sky opening up and the sun shining down, he is the rich earth underneath my feet and underneath my fingernails"

That Jenni sure has a way with words, doesn't she?  Except my policy is that when that nasty crap gets in my fingernails, I either cut them or scrape that shit away.  (I think eventually, that may be what happened to old Dex)

So where is Jenni now? Nobody seems to know. (Video posted at the bottom of the page) When her webcam went dark, she pretty much fell off of the face of the earth. But if you're interested, you can find articles about her and the big romantic entanglements here, here, here, here, and here, if you scroll about halfway down the page.

There is another site out there called Last Week at Jenni's place that now posts old pictures from from her site that should give you some idea as to what you could have seen on jenni-cam which for the most part is a whole lot of nothing. Coincidentally, this Jennicam replay site is running pictures now of the early days of the Jenni/Dex/Courtney triangle. A link? Sorry, but you'll have to find that one on your own. Hmmm...has anybody suggested a web cam site to Antonella? (Remember her?  Yeah, I still have the pictures as does everybody else.  If Jenni is any example, Ms. Barba will be living with those pictures for a long long time). 

(Update:  After having rerun Jenni’s cam life, the web site Last Week at Jenni’s obviously feels no need to run through her cam world for a third time, and once it reached her last pictures, that’s all the spoilsport posted.  He can turn all the material over to me and I’ll do it if Amazon will let me sell carp on there as well.  Because of it, I’m getting hit after desperate hit from lonely guys with no sex life and no interest in reading my reviews.  I guess you have to be a bit more literate for that high brow crap.   Jesus, at least you would think they would buy the book from Amazon  I posted.}

Jenni cam's  last cam picture of herself she's eating something but not what you were hoping for.
From the hits I get on this blog after she’s been off of the internet all this time, perhaps she should write a book.  If she puts some pictures of her and Dex doing the nasty, I’m sure it’ll fly off the shelves.  Of course, if the above prose about Dex is any example she may want to hire a ghost writer.  The Kindle downloads will go crazy with activity.  Anyhoo, if you’re so inclined to go to LWAJ, I’ve activated the link above  and have included the last picture he posted of Jenni.  Pretty safe for me to do so since she kept her clothes on all that week)

Anyway, here is the link to Last Week’s at Jenni, and write to him regarding his unwillingness to replay Jen and Dex’s sex life for you.  You’ll get a lot further than comng here looking. 

(Further Update:  I’ve relocated the clip that shows how Jenni was doing a few years ago.  Here it is.  Still working on finding the David Letterman clipIf anybody finds it let me know.  Contact me on my facebook page.  I mean, shouldn’t I be getting something for my most popular article and keeping her out there in the public eye?  Sure I should. Buy me a present for making your life easier.  Use my wish list.  Yes, I know I’m just being a horse’s ass but sometimes being one can be a lot of  fun)
Jennifer Ringsley gets down and dirty with VH1.

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  1. I was among the early viewers of the Jennicam (1997). I wonder how old that VH1 video is? "I don't have a MySpace." Nobody does these days. ;) I also watched the Anacam!

    The Letterman clip is still on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AmIntaD5VE