Friday, July 29, 2011

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Stuff-She’ll Always Be Faith to Me

The may call her Raquel LaRoque for this guest appearance in “White Collar,” but she’ll always be Faith Lehane from the WGTVSE (World’s Greatest TV Show Ever) to me. 

Faith was  probably the person I loved to hate the most, even more than Spike. Most viewers of Buffy were often willing to forgive her transgressions when she tried to redeem herself,, but not I.  Nope.  I know that beneath the surface, the true Faith is lurking somewhere.

I’ll be writing a lot about Buffy, so get used to it.  But here’s the clip of Faith for all you Eliza Dushku fans.  I’ve never watched White Collar, but any guest appearance by someone from Buffy will get me to tune in.

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