Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Day in the Life: Home From Work. Time to Cool Down

Home from work and time to leave the rat race behind.  I'm just going to cool my ass down by stretching out on the bed in air conditioned comfort.   So what's been happening out in the real world while I've been locked up?

Put this air conditioner in the bedroom a couple of weeks ago and I've pretty much locked myself away there.  We have what they call a Swamp Cooler for the rest of the house, but it's on its last legs and doesn't work worth a damn.  My not-so-expert doctors tell me I have to stay out of the heat, and this is one time I think I'll abide by their suggestion.

My girlfriend's nephew helped me put this thing in and it wasn't as easy as you think.  That's because they make these contraptions for windows that raise up and down, not windows that go side to side (Take that Mr. Miyagi!)  So you have to go through a bunch of shit to get them to fit right and then cover up the big gaping hole on top that it leaves.  It took us our afternoon, but hey it don't look half bad and even if it did look like crap, as long as it works what would I care

The best solution would be to get a new air conditioner for the whole house.  The old one went kapooey about five years ago.  It would take a cool five grand to replace it, and I don't have that much laying around in the petty cash.  So we settled for the swamp cooler which worked pretty good until this year.  Anyway, I'm fine in here punching away on the old laptop.

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