Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One of the thousands of reasons Facebook is beginning to suck

Really, Facebbook?  You banned this?  Honestly, the more I read about idiotic censorship on facebook, or read about pages being taken down every time some asshole decides to whine a complaint to Jeffboy Suckenberg.  Stupid fucking conservatives will never be happy until they have us all living under their heavy handed thumb.  I hate them all.

From Pop Blend:

The largest social networking site in the world caused a load of controversy earlier today when it removed the cover art for Nirvana's beloved 1991 record Nevermind. The artwork, depicting a naked baby in the water reaching for a dollar bill, was uploaded to commemorate a twentieth anniversary release of the iconic album. Some special interest groups protested the picture when it was first released, but by now, most people seem to have decided it's interesting and not offensive enough to cause a stir. Apparently, it still violates Facebook's terms of service though, and Mark Zuckerberg is having none of that shit…….

……..Here's why this whole removal is stupid. A company like Facebook needs to maintain rigid standards for its entire community to function without issue, but recognized pieces of nostalgia that have been seen over-and-over again by millions of people should not apply. The difference between some asshole posting naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend and a major band posting a picture of its iconic album is plain and obvious enough that any sensible user should see the difference. Plus, it's a goddamn baby. We're not talking about the cover of Blind Faith's self-titled record here.

Nirvana - Nevermind

Off to the old factory to put in about eight hours.  Back later with more shit.

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