Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Day in the Life: Hanging Out


I'm hanging out at Blockbuster, killing some time after having dropped some papers off at my neurologist. The more things change at Blockbuster, the more they stay the same (as you can see). One worker, lots of people.

Outside the weather is cloudy but nice. At home, I'm working on a post I hope to finish tonight. Debating with myself about dinner which will be after the Doc. Have a good day, catch you later.

Update: Made it to the doctor's office. I'm not sure why I am here except to have my kidney cyst explained more thoroughly. I have to have another MRI on Thursday, this time on my neck.

What I need is some pain meds but there's a problem I'll explain later. And no, I'm not addicted, just hurting. All the time.


Okay here's the explanation. About five months ago I was sent to a pain specialist because one doctor wasn't sure what was causing the pain. The pain doctor put me on Neurontin and vicatin, both of which I used sparingly to make them last. Since then, the cause of the pain has been diagnosed by my neurologist who should be prescribing the meds. But he can't because technically I'm still under the care of Dr. Feelgood, whom I haven't even seen in three months. So, in order for the neurology guy to prescribe my meds, I have to get a release from Dr. Feelgood. Easier said then done.

I call his office, the receptionist was clueless, but said she would call me back. Since I had to go burning up fossil fuels in Bakersfield today I had hope to resolve this idiots situation. But no dice.

Anyway I just had my vitals taken so stay tuned.


Final update: Got the pain meds straightened out. The magazine cover?
It's a July issue. Typical for a doctors office. Just wanted to offer up some doctor type atmosphere.  I also got some medication for my chronic laryngitis.  As for my tendency to write too much, sorry, but my doctor says it’s incurable.

Final final update:  I’m back home.  Let me offer up an explanation to those of you who are new to this blog.  If you go back a couple of months, I made it clear this blog was going to have a personal touch.  It would be not just about things I was interested in, but about me as well as much as possible.  Therefore, you get this health stuff.  And as I go through this, I’m a perfect example of why health care is in such a sorry shape in this country.  It’s so piecemeal, and everybody wants to put their hand in the cookie jar instead of finding out what the problem is and doing something about it.  Since I have to go have an MRI on Thursday  (yes another one), I’ll explain then.  Hopefully back later tonight, but have to rest now.

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