Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Amazon Prime fires it’s next volley: Free Kindle Books with Amazon Prime to go with the already growing list of video content.

I don’t know much about this sort of thing, but it would appear that Amazon is going to become what Netflix thought they would be until they screwed with their winning formula.  Amazon wants to be your one stop shop for just about everything.  With the Kindle Fire on the horizon ready to make it’s mark, Amazon has now put itself two steps ahead of the Barnes & Noble Nook.  Besides free movies with Amazon Prime, you now can download free books.

Yes, I know you could before.  Do I look stupid?  Shut up and don’t answer that.  I’m not talking about 100  or more year old classics like Poe, Dickens, Shakespeare, or Bronte.  We’re talking books you would have to pay for or go to the library in order to read them.  Now, you don’t even have to make the trip to the library.  Add to that all the other crap Amazon sells, and the need to head out to the shopping center becomes less and less desirable.  As for myself, I have no Kindle and do not have one on order.  I am thinking about it if I can find the time to get some serious reading done.

But I’m off track.  There is a method to the madness.  Amazon is obviously wanting to make the Kindle and the Kindle fire more and more desirable.  And remember, the Kindle Fire will play Amazon movies, so if Reed Hastings thinks Amazon is going to go away anytime soon, I wouldn’t think that’s even a remote possibility at this point.  If their strategy wasn’t clear then, it sure is now.

And if the Kindle Fire sales set the world aflame with it’s low price point, then it may put a hurting on some other more expensive touch pad items out there.  You can click screen capture below to check out their initial offerings. 

Kindle Books Amazon Prime

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