Sunday, December 23, 2012

They’ll Be Back: Cast signs on the dotted line. How I Met Your Mother Goes for Season Nine

If it weren’t for Netflix, I never would have watched a single episode of How I Met Your Mother.  But since Netflix gives you the opportunity to watch past seasons in their entirety, I decided to give it a try and was hooked instantly.  In no time my girlfriend and I had gone through six entire seasons, and then caught up with Season Seven by purchasing it on Amazon Digital.  Since then, Season Seven has been added to Netflix.  We’ve been watching Season Eight episodes as they air. 

But I’m not sure how I feel about a ninth season.  How long can you drag this out?  If we meet the mother of Ted’s children at the end of this season, it could possibly open a whole new ball of wax for the final season.  If we don’t, then it could end up an exercise in tedium.  However, I am anxiously waiting to find out what disaster takes place at Barney’s and Robin’s wedding.  If you’ve never watched the show, and unless you catch it on Netflix, you won’t care either way.

From Hollywood Reporter:

How I Met Your Mother, currently in its eighth season on CBS, is nearing a deal for a ninth and most likely final run to air during the 2013-14 season. News of a pickup was announced with a Saturday tweet from the series' production account, but The Hollywood Reporter has since learned that the green light most likely won't come until after the Christmas holiday weekend. Representatives from the network and 20th Century Fox Television declined to comment.

This comes after months of co-creators and co-showrunners Craig Thomas and Carter Bays saying that they were approaching the series' natural end.

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