Sunday, March 31, 2013

Random Thoughts: Apple’s New Patent, Pre-order Your GalaxyS4, and Why is Buffy Here?

So I’m reading several tech web sites today and the news is that Apple has applied for a patent on a phone with a wraparound screen.  And after reading about it, I’m left scratching my head.  This is not a new idea.  Other’s have gone into this territory before.  But I’ve always held to the firm belief that most of Apple’s ideas aren’t really new.  For all their belly aching about others stealing their patents, practically everything Apple puts into their products came from somewhere else.  But I’m not about to get into that long long history.

You can read it and see for yourself here.  I’ve studied the drawings and designs, but as far as I’m concerned, it could just as well be a new muffler for the next generation Toyota Prius.  That’s how tech savvy I am.

It may all be much ado about nothing.  Just because you apply for a patent does not mean you are ever going to be bringing the thing to market.  Besides, I’m saving my money for a Deluxe Hover Board due out in a couple of years.  Not to mention that running my new Buick Hover Automobile after I have it converted is going to cost me a pretty penny as well.

Speaking of the company whose name comes from the Forbidden Fruit, there’s also a report that Apple is working on a dedicated game controller.  Has there ever a been a day that went by without an Apple rumor?  I didn’t think so.  And has ever a company’s product been speculated about more than Apple.  I can’t think of any.  You can put the controller up there with the ongoing Apple Television rumors that have proliferated forever.  Me?  I don’t care.  I just need something to write about for the massive swarm of people visiting my blog who also don’t give a crap.

So what mobile phone does the great and powerful Clyde use?  The GalaxySIII (see expertly photo shop illustration).  I’m just not an Apple fan although I did have an Apple 3GS phone for a short while.   I really didn’t have much of a choice due to some major fail on Best Buy’s part.  I even started writing a long article at the time but I think that’s about when my health problems took control of my life.  Now that those seem to be working out, if I could just find a way to retire I could write this crap all day long.  As for the 3GS, I still have it although it’s not the original  3GS I had.  (Do you want to see that too?  Okay.  More Buffy.  See the other inspirational graphic) That one went berserk and Best Buy had to replace it with a model that had been rehabilitated in reform school.  One of the few times I’m glad I paid for a warranty.

Mentioning my own Galaxy SIII is my sneaky way of bringing up the fact that the S4 will be out soon.  AT&T will be taking preorders beginning April 15.  But instead of the usual $199 with a two year contract, it will run you $249 to sign your cell phone life away for two years.  I can’t get a new phone for at least a year but I won’t need one before then either.   Hell, I’m not even getting full use out of the one I have now.  If you want to preorder one unlocked, it’ll cost you $725.99 on up.  A grand bargain I say, and just think of my commission I’d get from Amazon!  Why, I bet it would be at least $1.30.  Maybe even $1.50!  One can really rake in the dough with those Amazon ads.  To be honest, the most I’ve made is about $70 bucks total in the three or four years I’ve had them up.  Most of that came when I could write on a regular basis and about 90 percent of that came from family members I bamboozled into buying shit.  What I’m saying is, if you think you can retire by writing a blog,  you better have one hell of a huge family!

Before next year comes around, I’m seriously going to consider getting out from under this cell phone contract nonsense.  It’s nice to have a new model cell phone every couple of years, but I think T-Mobile may be on to something with this plan.  But oh wait, isn’t Straight Talk the same thing?  Just some things for me to consider over the next year.  I’ll let you know what happens if you and I are still around.   More stuff later.  We’re on a roll this week.

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