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Random Thoughts: Liberal Blog Fail: Unrapping the McWrap

If you read my article regarding the McDonald’s McWrap, I was speaking strictly from my own personal experience. I don’t claim to be a food expert of any kind.  But I do know enough to at least try to find out a little something regarding the subject matter before I run it up to the old blog and see if anybody salutes.  Which is why I made it a point to look up the calorie count and fat content before I wrote it.

People make mistakes.  Sometimes they are unavoidable.  Sometimes they come from carelessness.  Other times mistakes come about simply through willful ignorance.  All those I can handle.  For instance, if somebody comes to me with some factoid that they learned from Fox News, and knowing the history of Fox News the way I do, I automatically assume that chances are pretty good I’ll have to do my own research. 

I often visit progressive blogs because they present a viewpoint that I happen to concur with.  But I also hold them to a pretty high standard and expect them to make every effort to be as accurate as they possibly can.   

It is also the reason I watch and love Rachel Maddow.  Yes, she has a certain viewpoint, but in every presentation that she broadcasts she systematically backs up her stories with as many facts as she possibly can.  And if she makes a mistake or was given misinformation, she corrects it on the air and does her best to set it right.  When was the last time someone on Fox News corrected a story?  They just don’t do it which is typical from a network that pulls most of their coverage out of their ass.  Making corrections is not in the Fox Manual.

But anybody can fall prey to doing crappy journalism.  Back in 2008, during the primaries, many Progressive Blogs became the left equivalent of Fox News.  Their viewpoint, and only their viewpoint was acceptable.  Anybody who dared to support Hilary Clinton was shoved aside or totally cast out.  Often, many of the stories being written regarding Hilary were either full of innuendo, supposition, or important details were cast aside so that the story they were telling would fit the narrative they wanted to convey.  Doing it unintentionally is one thing, but doing it purposely to offer up a story that while it may be somewhat factual on the surface, there are underlying and mitigating factors that would let you know there was more to this then meets the eye.  There were many progressive sites I just flat out quit reading for several years, and there are many I have not gone back to this day.  But that’s a story for another day and for my other blog.

I bring all this up because two days after having written my story on the McWrap, I ran across a similar narrative at Think Progress, a political blog that disseminates news with a liberal slant.  That story was written by someone named Annie-Rose-Strasser.  Here is what I wrote in my little piece on the McWrap:

It’s suppose to be McDonald’s answer to Subway.  But consider this:  A Black Forest 12” Ham Sub with Swiss Cheese, Mustard, on wheat has 730 calories.  But it’s very filling.   Two of the Sweet Chili McWraps would be 720 calories.  So it just depends on what’s enough for you.  Also, at $3.99 two wraps would be $7.98.  Whether you eat one McWrap or two, I think your money would be better spent elsewhere especially when you consider that the 12 inch Ham Sub can still be had for $5.00 where I live.

At think Progress, their conclusion was that Premium McWraps are without a doubt absolutely 100 per cent terrible and a complete snow job by McDonald's to sell unhealthy food and make you think that the McWrap is way more nutritional than it is.  Or maybe they just want us to know that they’ve got something on the menu better than a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, or McDouble.

I’m not going to argue with Ms. Strasser’s conclusion.  McDonald’s has made millions selling unhealthy crap and I’m sure McDonald’s is marketing the McWrap as being healthier than it probably is.  But,  in order for Think Progress to draw it’s conclusions regarding this one particular product, they  had to leave out some rather important details.  No, make that a lot of details in order to make the McWrap look as bad as they possibly could.   Consider this.

There are in fact three different McWraps, each with the choice of crispy chicken or grilled chicken. As I mentioned in my article, there are about 150 less calories and a whole lot less fat when you purchase the ones with the grilled chicken.   So while they may not be the greatest choice for your diet, if you buy the McWrap with the right variations, it’s just not as bad as Think Progress and Ms. Strasser would have you believe.

Ms. Strasser also finds a few paragraphs to blast Subway as well.  She talks about “calorie averaging” and green packaging then blathering about the worst products at Subway while not once mentioning that there are some very good alternative choices.  For instance, instead of saying Subway is entirely evil, wouldn’t it serve just as well to say stay away from the meatball sub and stick to the vegetarian sub?  Or better yet, maybe Miss Strasser has never been in a Subway since she fails to mention that you can also get a pretty good and very healthy salad at a pretty reasonable price with nothing but vegetables?  For lunch today I had a 12” Black Forest Ham with Swiss Cheese but no condiments that while loaded with salt did only come to 660 calories and 17 grams of fat.  But that was a meal, it filled me up, and it leaves me plenty of room for dinner.  And at 17 grams of fat, I’m still 38 grams below my recommended intake for the day.

As with the McWraps, she totally ignores the fact that there are choices there as well, choosing only to focus on the worst case scenario.  Not once is grilled chicken as an alternative mentioned for the McWrap.  Nowhere is the Sweet Chili Grilled Chicken McWrap at only 360 calories and only 9 grams of fat mentioned.  Instead she refers only to the crispy chicken McWrap “pictured above” which has 590 calories and 44 percent of your fat intake for the day.  My guess it is the Bacon Chicken McWrap, which has exactly 590 calories and 29 grams of Fat. 

Look, I have no problem with someone writing an article blasting Fast Food or McDonald’s.  But when you only tell half the story and leave out pertinent details for your hit piece, in my book, that makes you as bad as any advertising  agency.  Actually it makes you worse, because there was really no reason to at all to do it it.   And that as far as I’m concerned, makes you look bad, and any story I read on Think Progress from now on as being suspect. 

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