Sunday, March 24, 2013

Random Thoughts: Rapping on the McWrap, Clean Those Nozzles, and Losing it….pounds that is.

I’m back on my diet.  My weight had shot up to 320 lbs and it was time to jump start my body and nip my horrendous weight gain in the bud.  I’d really gotten back into some terrible eating habits since I had an operation last year.  I was well past due for a change in habits. 

So far things are going well.  I’ll have finished my first four weeks by next Tuesday and I will let you know how I’m doing then. 

I did stop at McDonald’s today but not for their 100% ground beef.  My purpose was to buy one of the fantastically delicious $1.00 Large Diet Cokes  (Please note the heavy sarcasm.) However, since McDonald’s continues to downsize the cups, the $1.00 special is not  such a great bargain anymore.  As a matter of fact, I only stop to get one on those days when I’ve run out of diet drinks at home which makes it at most, a temporary fix while I wait for my new plasticized bottle supply to chill out.

Point of Fact:  The Diet Cokes at my local McDonald’s taste like crap.  Why?  I do not know.  Then again, for some reason most of the fountain sodas at fast food joints taste like they were strained through a hair clogged drain.  Maybe they aren’t cleaning the mold and other crud off their nozzles.  Or cleaning them at all.  And if it’s self serve, I don’t even want to scare you with the horror stories of what might be on those suckers.

According to this article by some guy named Dr. Oz (apparently no relation to the great and powerful wizard):

While many would guess that the bathroom must be the dirtiest place in a fast food restaurant, public health commissioner Peter DeLucia tells viewers that it’s actually the nozzles at the soda fountain. This is due in part to fast food employees rarely clean multi-part nozzles properly, and in part due to that soda nozzles are an ideal habitat for many microorganisms because of the wet, sugary niche a soda fountain nozzle provides.

“It’s a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria,” say Mr. DeLucia.

In addition, he also points out that the ice chute and ice bin are rarely cleaned, and that too often employees will stick their hands in the ice bin scooping out ice with your cup rather than use an ice scoop.

And take it from someone who has had experience. If those suckers aren't cleaned, they can get  nasty rather fast. I once worked in a convenience store and we were required to clean the soda nozzles without fail on a daily basis.  I've gone into some places though where the amount of mold and crap on the nozzles made me ill enough to turn around and walk out.  This happened to me once at a Taco Bell some years ago.   The nozzles were covered with so much mysterious black crud that I felt compelled to call Taco Bell Headquarters out of concern for my fellow human beings.  No, I didn’t call to get a free meal out of it, and an apology, both of which I received.  I went back about a week later and those nozzles were sparkling and shiny as if they were brand new.  Maybe they were.  Now after writing and researching the above paragraphs, my days of drinking fountain drinks may be over with.

I’ve gotten way off track, but if you’ve hung around here before, that’s my normal behavior.  Anyway, I’m going through the drive-thru at McDonalds and I notice they have the new large Chicken McWraps.  I had read about them a few days ago and that they were had been test marketed and would soon be in all of the restaurants.   Apparently these delectable little tidbits had rolled their way all the way out here to bum fuck Egypt where I reside.  So, why not?   Certainly they couldn’t be as awful as the Fish McBites which I had partaken in just before I started my dieting.  That’s a whole different story, but since it’s obvious the Fish McMushBlandBites won’t be around much longer anyway, going into that subject matter would be a waste of time. 

The best way to describe the McWrap is that it’s the King Size Version of the snack wraps.  Or maybe we’ve been eating the miniature version of the McWrap all along and just didn’t know it.  If you’ve had the snack wraps you know that are the ones where if you order a dozen they might fill you up.  Or maybe not.

I settled on the Grilled Chicken Ranch McWrap because it appeared to be the one with the fewest calories.  I learned later it wasn’t.  It’s the Grilled Chicken Sweet Chili McWrap that comes in at just 360 calories.  My choice came in second at 430 calories, while the Grilled Chicken Bacon McWrap weighs in with 440 calories.  Substitute Crispy Chicken for the grilled and you have taken a sledge hammer to your diet by increasing your The McWrapcount by close to 150 calories. 

So I know you’re dying to ask me how it was.  It was in fact, not bad.  You could taste the chicken chunks so it wasn’t too skimpy there.  The ranch dressing tasted kind of sweet.  But I can’t say that there was anything about it particularly memorable.  Just your typical fast food in a hurry kind of crap.

So if you want nothing more than a quick snack for lunch, it’ll do.  Just don’t expect it to fill you up.  It’s suppose to be McDonald’s answer to Subway.  But consider this:  A Black Forest 12” Ham Sub with Swiss Cheese, Mustard, on wheat has 730 calories.  But it’s very filling.   Two of the Sweet Chili Mc
Picasa Content
Wraps would be 720 calories.  So it just depends on what’s enough for you.  Also, at $3.99 two wraps would be $7.98.  Whether you eat one McWrap or two, I think your money would be better spent elsewhere especially when you consider that the 12 inch Ham Sub can still be had for $5.00 where I live.    And if you can’t eat the whole thing you can eat half and save half for later.  Usually I have my own ham or turkey breast at home, and a loaf of Sara Lee’s 45 calorie bread which may be the greatest invention since Pillsbury made the dough boy. 

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