Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Melissa Joan Hart needs help making a movie. Clyde Explains It All.

Let me make this perfectly clear. Anybody who would come out in support of Mitt Romney does not have the sense to finance a film, nor should they be asking the public for help in financing their movie. I find it very ironic that she now wants the average shmo to finance her film after totally supporting  Mitt, who pretty much said anybody who supported Obama was nothing but a lazy leech. 

Romney has hidden hundreds of millions of dollars in dough in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.  I would think he would have been grateful for her loyalty and floated her and her hubby a loan.  But he does have that care elevator and the mansion that goes along with it to finish.

She also was a big fan of the late Margret Thatcher, who was hardly a friend of the working class.  Thatcher, of course, is in no position to float her a loan.

Melissa tells us it’s the small donations they are having trouble gathering up to fill up her bank account.  Can’t imagine why.

She says Hollywood no longer embraces her as a leading lady.

Uh, I don't know how to tell Ms. Hart his, but she was never leading lady material. Her best work was in the quirky but inane Melissa Explains It All. And after it was over she hadn’t explained much and as recent events show, stayed pretty clueless herself.

She got lucky with the tween set when ABC signed her up for Sabrina. But she wasn’t even a patch off of the great Elizabeth Montgomery.  I won't pass judgment on her current Melissa and Joey because I haven’t seen it, but I doubt if it's exactly a movie star vehicle.  

As for her fund raising being slow, I don't know what she expects when you support presidential candidates who pretty much crap on the working class. I guess she may have to slum it out with the rest of us 47 % er's.   Either that or hope her forthcoming book is a runaway best seller.  Fat chance. 

Or maybe the newly re-elected Mark Sanford can bail her out, provided she travels to South America with him as his mistress.  Mitt can give his blessing.

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