Sunday, December 29, 2013

How do you spell Bomb? G-r-u-d-g-e M-a-t-c-h

After a while audiences get tired of seeing over age actors doing things overage actors shouldn’t be doing.  Stallone brought his Rocky character back a few years ago and was quite successful at it, but you can only push geriatrics so far.  So what do you do?

You make a boxing movie where the main character is Rocky but isn’t called Rocky. 

And DeNiro was just a little  too old to be doing a reincarnation of Jake LaMotta.  Be that as it may, I will check this movie out… soon as it hits Redbox. It’s not on my list of must haves.

From Variety:

Grudge Match,” which opened Christmas day and stars the veteran actors, finished in 11th place on Friday at the box office with $2.4 million and is expected to earn just $13 million through Sunday. Warner Bros.-based producer Bill Gerber had hoped that “Grudge Match” will offer a parallel box office success story to the 2008 hit “Grand Torino,” which starred Clint Eastwood and went on to gross $270 million worldwide. But so far, “Grudge Match” has been a swing and a miss financially. Made for $40 million, “Grudge Match” still has plenty of time to find older audiences but the boxing comedy wraps an otherwise forgettable year for Stallone and De Niro at the box office. “Bullet to the Head,” Stallone’s recent action film (also distribtued by Warner Bros.), was one of the biggest underachievers of 2013, earning just $9.4 million worldwide on a $55 million budget.

They are however working on the next sequel of The Expendables which has been a successful series so far.  I guess as long as your arthritis doesn’t keep you from holding an AK-47, you can do those types of movies forever.  You just can’t box.

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