Saturday, March 8, 2014

Annie: The Bigots and Racists Come Out in Droves

The trailer for the newest Annie remake  hit the internet and I knew this would happen.  It was inevitable.  Because here in the United States of Uh-merica, bigots and racists dot the landscape like a bad bad case of small pox.   

And why does racism in this country seem to be continuing on just as strong as ever in the year 2014? 

We have a whole political party, Republicans, and their subsidiary members The Teabaggers that depend on them as their life’s blood.  So while they may not blast it through a megaphone, their politicians do their best to adopt discriminating policies and use code words to reinforce their bigotry.  They then tune in and watch the White Man’s News Network for Morons aka Fox News who  pats their audience on the back, encouraging their hatred of all minorities endlessly by reinforcing their notion with a parade of stories that minorities one and all are nothing but a bunch of lazy shiftless no good welfare cheats draining the resources of Uh-merica.

I had my own reservations about the newest remake of Annie when it was announced.  None of them had to do with the fact that Annie was going to be black.

First, did we really need another Annie remake?  We’ve already had the Broadway musical, the film version of that one, and the TV remake of that one some years later which in most ways was better than John Huston’s somewhat dreary but not entirely awful original film.

The second problem I had was that it appeared the main reason this film was being made was so that Will Smith could use his power, money, and influence to shove another one of his offspring into another major motion picture.

He had already done this with a Karate Kid remake that for me wasn’t particularly endearing but did better with critics and the audiences.  But when young Jaden Smith continued his star turn in After Earth, critics and the movie going public turned their nose up at it in unison.

Annie was supposed to be Will’s daughter Willow’s coming out party.  But Willow, decided she wanted no part of it.  She made this momentous decision after the film was already in pre-production.  So the new Annie is former Oscar Nominee Quvenzhané Wallis.  Here is the trailer:

Having watched it, here are just a few of the twitter comments once again showing that its okay to be racist, hateful, and a total idiot.  If these few aren’t enough, and you really have to read more distasteful mouth farts from people such as this, there are more posted at Crooks & Liars.

And it’s not much better in the comments section at the IMDB with such thoughtful topics like this:

They could have at least dyed her hair red!,
why I dont like that they chose a black girl for annie,
Annie is a white character,
Refuse to see this,
I guess 40 acres and a mule weren't enough!,
I'm going to make a movie about Obama, but cast a white guy to play him.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with a black Lincoln.

I’ll be honest.  I originally had no particularly desire to see another remake of Annie, but may have eventually caught it on Blu-ray.  Having viewed the trailer, and reading the comments, I think I’ll go out of my way to make sure I go see it during its theatrical run.

As for my artistic thoughts on the trailer, if you’re going to do a remake, you should always bring something new to the table.  They appear to have done that here by transferring Annie to a modern setting and turning Warbucks into a politician.  So that’s interesting, not to mention that they’ve completely updated the script.  So at this point, my earlier reservations are for the most part, mute.

If you think that the blatant racism at work here is just one of those things, forget it.  I wade through this kind of crap day after day after day.  I’m sure some of the people I know will privately say the same things that these morons are stating publicly on one social network and message board after another.  And it will never end as long as we overlook it, excuse it, or give it a pass.

When I was 21 I thought by the time I was 61, most of this kind of Neanderthalithic racist bullshit would be a thing of the past.  Boy, was I overly optimistic.

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