Sunday, May 11, 2014

Amazon DVD/Blu-ray Deals of the Week: 5/11/2014 to 5/17/2014

There are a couple of good classic TV  series on sale at Amazon this week.  I’m certainly thinking of buying at least one if funds will permit.  Of course, I could afford one of these deals at least a teensy bit more often if you’d turn your ad blocker off and click one of my ads once in a while.  You don’t have to buy what’s in the ad for me to get credit, just use it as a passport to get to the site and then buy what you want. 

Ad blocker is one of the reasons I haven’t updated my Amazon links in a while.  Keeping them up to date is a lot of work that has to be done in my spare time which I don’t have much of.  And if people can’t see them, then I’ve wasted quite a few hours for nothing.   

Even before ad block I was lucky to get $30 or $40 dollars a year in commissions as it was and I simply took that in a gift certificate since the amount was always so small anyway.  But it would buy me a couple of DVD’s or go towards a blu-ray or two.  But I’m willing to give it another go.

The first series up this week is the one I’m considering for myself.  That would be Quantum Leap starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.  Yes, it has been available for streaming.  It also has had episodes missing from that stream which is a real bugaboo.  And there’s always the case of streaming today but gone tomorrow.  Don’t matter though.  I love this show.

In case you’re wondering, or for some reason know nothing of the series, here’s the IMDB synopsis. 

Doctor Sam Beckett led a group of top scientists into the desert to research his theory that a man could time travel within his own lifetime. Unfortunately, in order to save his funding, he was forced to enter the accelerator prematurely and vanished. He then found himself in someone else's body with partial amnesia. His only contact from home is Al, a holographic image only he can see and hear. Setting right things which once went wrong, Sam leaps from life to life, hoping each time that this is the final leap home.

And although it explains it quite well, the execution of the idea is much better on screen thanks in no small part to Bakula who had to switch characters from week to week and managed to pull it off and make it believable.  Here is the text link to the ad.  And it’s a bargain at just $63.99.  You’ll find the picture link at the bottom of the page but you’ll have to either pause, turn off, or allow ads on this page if you have ad blocker.  You can also try using the picture insert, but it’s a new method I’m trying since Amazon instituted their new system so there’s no guarantee it’ll work.

Another series on special this week at Amazon is JAG.   It is a show I really didn’t watch on a regular basis but my girlfriend was a regular viewer.  I have no idea if the series streams.  The show ran for 10 years from 1995 to 2005.  The IMDB sums it up this way:

Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr. and Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie are JAG lawyers, who together investigate and litigate crimes committed by Navy and Marine personnel. Occasionally, they engage in adventurous activities in order to solve their cases. With Rabb's fighter pilot background, and MacKenzie's good looks, they are a hot team both in and out of the courtroom.

This Special Edition Collector’s Boxed Set of the Complete Series will set you back $109.99, but remember that’s only about $10 a season.  And take a look at all the other goodies you get with it.  Frankly, I wouldn’t mind having it but I’ll probably have to wait until the next time.  Still………. 

Anyway, if you have the cash to spare and you loved the series, or if you’ve never seen it like me you can use this as the text link to have a look.  The picture ad will be at the bottom of the page.  Or you can try using this picture by clicking on it.


Sex & The City is a series we already own.  I say we because I actually bought it for my girlfriend who loved this HBO series that spawned two feature films.  Yes, we own those as well.

I can tell you we paid a lot more for it than this weeks deal of $82.99.  If you’ve never seen it, or have only seen the movies, or maybe you were too young to watch when it aired and momma made you leave the room, you’ll have a good time.  I know this because I’ve watched most of the episodes even though this is obviously geared towards a feminine viewpoint, guys can have a good laugh as well.  You can use this link or use the picture link at the bottom of the page or the following insert.

Amazon is also offering up to 58 per cent off the individual Mystery Science Theaters episodes.  I’ve watched the show and get a kick out of it.  A lot of people collect these and if you’re wanting to now would be the time to start or to add a few to your library because the general rule in the past is that these DVD’s have not exactly been cheap.  Use this link to purchase.

And last, but not necessarily least, Amazon has a bunch of DVD and Blu-ray titles that will get you a coupon towards seeing a movie in the Warner Brothers Spring sale.  You might even get in for free if you play your cards right and go to the right theater at the right time of day on the right day of the week. 

The coupons are good towards either Godzilla, Blended, or Edge of Tomorrow.  Blended is the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore outing that looks to be a lot better than the crap Sandler usually puts out there.  Their other film, 50 First Dates is one of those Sandler films I actually was able to tolerate.  A DVD purchase gets you a $5 coupon and a blu-ray purchase gives you an $8 coupon.  On top of that, the prices on the ones you can purchase are way more than reasonable.  You have until June 22.

You can get more information for this deal by using this link.  That’s about it for now.  Enjoy your show and thanks for the support.   And check for updates on more deals I run across at the bottom of the page.  Thanks again.



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