Friday, May 16, 2014

Classic Playboy Comic/Joke of the Day for 5/16/2014

A little late again.  Real life takes over as I went to dinner with my girlfriend Abigail Lou at a friend’s house.  However, in the short time I had here at the house, I did manage to repair some videos on a couple of my reviews and find replacements.

One was from my A Night to Remember review.  The trailer video no longer worked so I replaced it with a longer fan made video.  In Holiday Inn, two videos no longer worked.  One was a nice clip I had done editing both renditions of White Christmas, colorized, that are sung during the film so that they merged into one another.  The other was Fred Astaire’s Drunken New Years dance.  Of course, they were taken down out of necessity because we know the Studios and Music Company’s involved were losing billions and billions from my using their clips in a review that is at the worst, free advertising for their film.

Enough of that.  Here’s your Friday Night Comic.

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