Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Playboy Classic Comics/Jokes of the Day for 5/17/2014–5/20/2014

If you were wondering whether I had quit doing this, you can stop now cease doing so.  For the past three or four days I was hard at work on this Clyde’s Movie Palace Article which I’m sure you’ll enjoy once you take a minute to indulge yourself in a little Classic Playboy Humor.

Four comics for today.  Three for the three days I missed when I was hard at work watching Susan Dey and William Katt get it on, and one for today.  This is going to happen from time to time.  I’m not a good multi-tasker especially when I work a regular job besides trying to keep this blog up.  Of course, if you want to pay for me to have an early retirement, I’d be happy to work on this thing full time and beyond.  So if you don’t see the comics for a couple of days, don’t fret.  I’ll make up for missed days.  And as usual, you can support my endeavors simply by turning off your ad blocker while you’re here.  I appreciate that as well.  There should be no pop-ups or unwanted videos.  Just some ads to help me buy a Blu-ray or DVD on very rare occasions.





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