Sunday, May 11, 2014

Think You’re Converting People? Think again.

I can understand why 25 percent of the faculty left.  Like most educators, the don’t want to have more dunces in a nation being overrun  by stupidity as if it were an art form.  One of the fastest growing groups in this country is atheism. 


Because you're driving young people away from religion and the church.  You think all the constant proselytizing and strict interpretation of the bible is a good thing and will bring people into the flock.  You're wrong it won't.  It's having the opposite effect.  It drives them away because there's one thing humans have been born with that you can't change.     Common sense.  And common sense tells them that Creationism in seven days is a load of crap along with many other things being foisted on the general populace.  I have nothing at all against religion.  That is until you start doing your best to foist your particularly odd beliefs onto everybody and everything into insert it into every aspect of everybody's lives including trying to establish a theocracy in this country.  Frankly, I’m sick of having it rammed down my throat day in and day out.

From Times News

DAYTON, Tenn. — Student dissent is heating up in a controversy over beliefs about Adam and Eve at the Tennessee college named for one of creationism's most famous defenders.

The dispute at Bryan College, named for William Jennings Bryan, began in February when trustees clarified the school's statement of belief to state that Adam and Eve were historical people who were not created from previously existing life forms.

Since then, the conflict has escalated with a majority of professors voting "no confidence" in the school's president, and students and alumni penning petitions in response to the controversy.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported that in a day of action last week, students wrote notes to the Board of Trustees, signed petitions, wore black armbands and expressed their opinions on social media, among other actions.

The protest was prompted by the loss of at least nine of the college's 44 full-time professors, two of whom were fired after rejecting the college's clarified statement of belief, and statements by Bryan College President Stephen Livesay, who has downplayed the controversy.

After a school fundraiser last month, Livesay told the Times Free Press that students are happy and "the reality is we are solid."

Some students last week said that the comments were disheartening.

"There seems to be an emotional disconnect with what we're seeing and how Dr. Livesay perceives things," student body vice president Allison Baker said.

Read more: Bryan College losing nearly 25% of faculty after 'Adam and Eve' controversy | Kingsport Times-News

And then to emphasize that you can’t fix stupid, this happens shortly after I posted this. 

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