Friday, July 18, 2014

Amazon Introduces Kindle Unlimited

If you have Amazon Prime and own a Kindle, you probably already know that you can “borrow” one book a month from the Amazon Library at no extra charge.  Now, Amazon introduces it’s more liberal Netflix type reading program known as Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle UnlimitedFor $9.99 per month plus applicable tax, you can sit and read to your heart’s content forever, and never run out of the printed word.  Yes, there is no limit on number of books you can borrow. 

Time Enough At LastYou’ll be your very own Henry Bemis and you won’t even need a nuclear war to send you on your way.  And if you should happen to break you glass as Bemis did, you can always get you another pair.

Unlike borrowing under the Amazon Prime plan, you don’t need to own a Kindle.  You just have to have the Kindle App on whatever device you own whether it’s your P.C., Laptop, Cellphone, or Touch Pad. 

There is supposedly about 600,000 titles available so you should be able to find something worth your while.  I guess it also depends on your reading habits as to whether or not you’ll get your money’s worth. 

If you read a lot and have the time to, this could be right up your alley.  But it won’t benefit me so I’ll opt out of this new program.  There just isn’t that much time for me to read and I’m lucky if I get through two books a month these days.  Maybe when I retire in about four years, it’ll be a different story. 

Watch the video, use the links to sign up.

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