Monday, August 25, 2014

Classic Playboy Comic Joke 8/25/2014

I have been placing these comics on my Facebook page that is supposed to be associated with this blog. I did it that way because technically it was easier than formatting a post here for one single picture. In other words I was being a lazy S.O.B.

If you post in a lot of forums as I often do, you make a lot of enemies and not a lot of friends. A lot of those people that you piss off, will always be looking for a way to get back at you. So it's not always advisable to be pointing out the errors of someone's way.

On Facebook you're always in danger of being censored by the puppets of Mark Zuckerberg.  Buried deep in my photograph albums was an old comic that dared to show a woman's nipples. I don't even remember how it got uploaded to my photographs, because I had an exact duplicate where I used photoshop to cover up those little red cartoon dots that might be used to breast feed some cartoon baby of the future. 

So some Neanderthal reported my big obscenity in an effort to get my account banned. It didn't work. I found the picture myself and deleted it before Zuck’s loyal minions could get their hands on it.  Or me, or whatever.

So for the time being I'll just post my nightly comics whatever they may be to my blog and post the link on my Clyde’s Stuff  Facebook page. By the way, why aren't you people visiting me on Facebook? On the other hand why aren't you people on Facebook, visiting my blog?

Here is tonight's overnight comedy.  I hope you enjoy it.  Don't forget to visit my Facebook page for the nightly Movie/TV musical moment.

Playboy Overnight Funnies

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