Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Meet NBC’s New Peter Pan

Seeing as how Carrie Underwood is busy being pregnant, she won’t get to follow up her Sound of Music extravaganza by flying high as Peter Pan.  So NBC signed up superstar Allison Williams (who?) from HBO’s and Lena Dunham’s Girls to don the tights.

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Today they released a photograph of Allison in her Halloween Costume Peter Pan get-up.  So how does she stack up against the likes of Mary Martin, Sandy Duncan, and Cathy Rigby who had this gig previously?

She looks like a woman trying to pretend to be a girl who’s trying to be a boy who won’t grow up.  But at least she’s younger than the rest of the bunch, and may be the youngest one of the four to have played the kid from Never-never land.  Don’t hold me to that though, because it’s mostly just a guess.

You can read more at Variety, if you please.  But here’s the publicity still I stole from them.  That’s okay, isn’t it since they stole it from NBC?

And if you’ve ever wondered why Peter Pan is always played by a woman, at least in these stage productions, here’s your answer.

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