Monday, September 1, 2014

Netflix: Available for Streaming in September.

Here is a list of at least some of the television shows and movies that will be available for streaming on Netflix during September 2014. Check the dates to see if you have a favorite coming up. There’s a few in the movie section that I know are worthwhile but mostly it’s stuff I haven’t even heard of. And Dennis Miller? Who wants to see that guy? Was he ever funny?

TV Shows:

Californication   Seasons 1-7, Sept. 1
Chasing UFOs  
Season 1, Sept. 1
Doomsday Preppers   Seasons 1-3, Sept. 1
Season 1 Sept. 1
Unsealed: Alien Files  
Season 1, Sept. 1
Zero Hour   Seasons 1-3, Sept. 1
The League   Season 5, Sept. 2
Trailer Park Boys  
Season 8, Sept. 5
The Blacklist 
Season 1, Sept. 7
Crash & Bernstein  
Season 2, Sept. 10
About a Boy   Season 1, Sept. 14
Season 2, Sept. 14
Bones   Season 9, Sept. 16
New Girl  
Season 3, Sept. 16
The Fosters  
Season 2, Sept. 17
Revolution   Season 2, Sept. Sept. 22
How I Met Your Mother  
Season 9, Sept. 26
Parks and Recreation   Season 6, Sept. 26
Comic Book Men  
Season 3, Sept. 28
The Walking Dead   Season 4, Sept. 28


A Simple Plan   Sept. 1
Cool Runnings   Sept. 1
Crocodile Dundee   Sept. 1
Detention  Sept. 1
Flubber   Sept. 1

Girl Rising   Sept. 1
Girlfight   Sept. 1
Good Morning, Vietnam   Sept. 1
Guess Who   Sept. 1
Hoodwinked   Sept. 1
Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie   Sept. 1
Lords of Dogtown   Sept. 1
Mirage Men   Sept. 1
School of Rock   Sept. 1
Small Apartments   Sept. 1
Swiss Family Robinson   Sept. 1
The Believers   Sept. 1
The Blue Lagoon   Sept. 1
The Unbelievers   Sept. 1
All is Lost   Sept. 5
Kid Cannabis   Sept. 6
Le Week-End   Sept. 6
Refuge   Sept. 6
Your Sister’s Sister   Sept. 6
Who Is Dayani Cristal?  Sept. 9
Deadly Code  Sept. 10
A Single Man   Sept. 11
Dennis Miller: America 180   Sept. 11
Filth   Sept. 11
The Moment   Sept. 11
Grace Unplugged   Sept. 12
Justin and the Knights of Valor   Sept. 13
Beginners   Sept. 16
One Day   Sept. 16
Silver Linings Playbook   Sept. 16
3 Days to Kill   Sept. 17
The Double   Sept. 25
Bad Grandpa   Sept. 27
Lullaby   Sept. 29
Killing Them Softly  
Sept. 30


  1. Noticed a couple of new Robin Williams movies. Plus The Blacklist!

  2. Yeah. I just bought Good Morning Vietnam on Blu-ray. So there's that. I wish they would put the last episode of HIMYM up with the edited footage but you'll probably have to get the DVD's for that.

    I was thinking of getting Flubber, but this will make me wait on that at least until there's a blu-ray. Yeah, I know, Good Luck with that.

    On the other hand Disney did put out Apple Dumpling Gang and Computer Wore Tennis Shoes on Blu-ray so there's that.