Monday, September 1, 2014

Some Custom Content for The Sims 4? Already?

The Sims 4 isn't being released until Tuesday, September 2, but already some custom content is beginning to appear here and there. Obviously some of it was made using the Create–a –Sam demo. 
First things first

These items which you can see on Mod the Sims by using this link (not sure if you have to be a registered member to view it) include a Michael Jackson Sam, some guru T-shirts, and some Pokémon hats. I might be interested in putting Michael Jackson into the game, but I really have no use for guru T-shirts and Pokémon hats.

One thing is for sure, if you paid extra for the special edition which could be $10-$20 depending on where you purchased it, you did not get your money's worth. The stuff included is as usual with things like this, how can I put this delicately? Oh yeah, shitty!  What? You were expecting them to give you something you can actually use?  Particularly the stupid looking hats and terrible makeup.

There's also the usual videos on YouTube from those who were able to get there are hands on a copy early. Some of those are in Asian, but here's one in English. Please keep in mind that I take ecstatic reviews with a grain of salt. A whole shaker full.  And especially when you start off your video talking about its greatness when you haven’t been played but five minutes. But you decide for yourself.  It’s kind of boring.  I couldn’t watch more than a few minutes.


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