Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Sims 4: My Take on the Newest Edition of the Maxis Franchise Part One

I was going to write my thoughts regarding The Sims 4, but instead decided to try doing it by video.  There’s a lot to be said about the newest version, and hopefully I can get it all covered during the two videos I have recorded.

Keep in mind the last time I did any public speaking was years ago when I did some live streaming in regards to politics.  That wasn’t particularly good so don’t expect wonders here.  My eyesight is poorer, my voice is going, and thoughts don’t roll off the top of my head the way they used to.  But we’re still here and plugging away at it.

I’ve been playing the Sims since the original game came out and am now going through my fourth go round.  That doesn’t mean I belong to the all things Sims adoration society.  I have my share of criticism now and in the past.  But I try to be fair.

Added to my problem of getting this video up was a bunch of technical difficulties. I had one headache after another getting this video recorded and processed.  Some of the programs I used decided to get glitchy as hell.

So I finally got the first video done and I’ll have more to say when I post the second one.  Hopefully that will be tomorrow but don’t sue me if it doesn’t happen.  I want to cover a lot of area.  Maybe I’ll put up a third one if necessary.  Can I hold an audience that long?  Oh wait, I don’t have an audience.  Never mind.

Like I said, excuse the video quality.  It should have been better.  The voice over should be as well but it is what it is.  Better next time I hope.  (No overnight comedy moment tonight due to the lateness of working on this.)


  1. Here is your audience of one.

    1. You didn't go to you tube and give it the thumbs up though. :(

  2. Thank you and please come again for the sequel: The Sims 4 Go Bananas.