Friday, September 12, 2014

The Sims 4: My Take on the Newest Edition of the Maxis Franchise Part Two–Build Mode Updated: 9/12/2014

This video appears to be a lot better than the first one I uploaded.  In this edition I talk more about the game, things that are in and things that are out.  Where it succeeds and where it fails.  And I do this while completely remodeling Biff Bumstead’s dreary home in record time….thanks to video editing.  It actually took me about a good eight hours to do this home.

Anyway, as promised here is Part II of my thoughts on The Sims 4.

UPDATED:  In the video I lament about the fact that there are a great many inaccessible items that one could use to furnish their Sims home.  In order to get these items, your Sim has to achieve certain career goals and even then they still have to pay for them.

So no sooner do I post the video then someone from Mod The Sims issues a downloadable fix.  Simply download the Zip file into your Mods folder.  You don’t have to unzip it according to the instructions on this one.  If it works, I may do  another house real soon from scratch.  Use the links to download the file (I think you have to sign up for Mod The Sims but if you haven’t your undoubtedly new to the franchise.)



  1. Amazing how much work you put into this video as well as the house.

    1. The video wasn't that hard once I found a way to get my editing program to do what I needed to do. The first one I did, that was a real stinker and nothing went right.