Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey–Hot or not?

I’m still leaning towards not.  I think someone chickened out when faced with the reality of the explicitness of the Fifty Shades of Grey novel.  Whether it was Universal Studios (my guess in an attempt to hedge its investment) or the actors or the director, or choose your own culprit(s).  If it was Universal, the irony will be that they could possibly have actually hurt themselves more than help themselves.  Ask anybody who has read the book: Cleanliness is not next to Godliness in this case.

Possibly at least one actor could be a fly in the ointment as well which makes you think that because of Charlie Hunnam’s unexpected departure, they were forced into signing Dornan with not much time to consider too many alternatives. 

In a recent interview Jamie Dornan came off as a stodgy really uptight prude to the point where he had it written in the contract not to show his penis on film.  So he’s going to have to be one helluva actor to be convincing as Christian Grey.  In a key role, Dornan may be a huge mistake.


Dakota Johnson on the other hand, at least has a hint of being Anastasia Steele and appears to be willing to go the distance. 

At any rate, Universal’s Focus Features will try to convince you with this trailer that Fifty Shades is going to be really hot, even if they did clean it up for the mass consumption of audiences while crapping on those who made the book a phenomenon in the first place.  But I’ll let you decide for yourself.  Trailer 2:  Hot or Not.


  1. Not. First of all, if you're going to do this kind of movie, you need to go all in and it looks obvious that they don't. Kind of like Valley of the Dolls years ago. And second, and this is in no way meant to be an indictment on this actors personal life, since I have no idea what it is, but in this trailer he comes across to me as being more gay acting than as a straight man that is into S&M. He looks very unconvincing. I think it will have a big opening weekend and then will drop off once word of mouth gets out.

    1. Did you read the interview I was talking about? All I could think of was, either this guy never read the book, or he had no clue as to what was driving sales in which case, he's not on the right wave length with pop culture. Dornan seemed totally clueless not only about the book but also about the character he was playing. My prediction is the same as yours, depending on whether Universal/Focus forgoes screening it for critics.

      Shortly after that interview, they went back before the cameras for some reshoots. This happens sometimes. I tend to agree with you. It'll start out strong but word of mouth will likely kill it. A sign: rather Universal/Focus offers it up to critics beforehand or holds it back.