Thursday, October 27, 2016

Clyde’s Movie Picture Show Quick Quiz 101.0

Every once in a while I would get an urge to throw up a quick quiz on my Clyde’s Stuff Facebook Page.  Sometimes they were fairly easy.  Others were real stumpers.  I never could tell which would be which. 

Generally when I think up these questions, it’s while watching a film or just browsing through my library.  I’ve been trying to get a copy of the film from which I made these screen captures and finally succeeded in a roundabout way.  I try to make these quizzes as offbeat as I can and not the usual run of the mill bull crap the now proliferates your timeline on Facebook like a case of the Zimbio bubonic plague.

The actress in this scene deserved an Oscar.  Well, she would have deserved one if they had a category for best actress being dead while your corpse melts in phony assed flames that come no where near you.  But the film was a monumental work of art.  I say that because it carries a 5.2 rating on the IMDB whereas I wouldn’t have given it more than a 2.2.  If that much.  So there must be some artsy fartsy thing going on here that I don’t know about to not see it’s 5.0 or better greatness.  This is definitely Clyde’s Movie Palace material if I ever get back to doing that gig.

Enough of that though.  It’s very simple.  Name the actress being charbroiled, and the name of this legendary movie. The prize?  There isn’t one. Not unless this blog starts filling my pocketbook with a big influx of cash and that hasn’t happened in the ten years it’s been here.  But it’ll make you feel smarter than anybody else so that’s your reward. 





  1. House of Wax. Paris Hilton.

    1. No. But your sister guessed it on Facebook. I need to do a follow up. I think on the next one I also need to find a way to get the guesses on here and not on Facebook. She correctly guessed Zsa Zsa Gabor in Picture Mommy Dead.