Thursday, October 27, 2016

Keith Olberman via GQ: Lesson 31: To The Women Supporting Donald Trump… A Message

One of the few good things during the past few weeks has been the return of Keith Olbermann’s commentary, sponsored by GQ magazine. 

I really don’t understand how any woman with any kind of self respect, or any woman with daughters, granddaughters, or even great granddaughters, could support a misogynistic worthless piece of scum like Donald Trump.  And frankly I never will.  I can speculate, as Keith does a bit in this video, and chances are I’d be right more than wrong.  I’ve already done that to some degree on my Facebook page.

But I wish every woman could see this commentary, and then explain their reasoning to me afterwards.  But that won’t happen.  As Keith points out though, they will have to explain to somebody in the end if not him or me or anybody else of this earth.  But it won’t just be women, All Trump supporters will face a day of reckoning one way or the other. 

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