Friday, November 4, 2016

Another GOP mailer hits my doorstep promising magic, unicorns, and wonderful things.

ValdaoSo I got one of those Fascist....I mean Republican Fascist Party mailers proclaiming that it was necessary to stop Nancy Pelosi from becoming speaker. In other words, they want Paul Ryan to stay there with one thumb stuck up his ass and the other stuck up the anus of Mitch McConnell while they collect a salary for doing exactly this to aid American workers:


I guess that's kind of crude but sometimes crude help drives the point home.

Meanwhile, the current Republican working to keep the unquestioning voters of the Kern Valley in check, David Valadao, is on the same mailer proclaiming how he's against the high speed rail system although he has no say so about it. Of course, the dumber voters around here won't question that annoying fact. And even if he could make it go away that money would just go elsewhere. Just ask Ohio and Florida who thought they could grab a share anyway but found out different.  Surprise!!!!!

Then he says, he's going to bring water to the Valley. I guess that means he's going to take some Lasix and pass out free doses to everybody so we can piss up a lake for him. There's not a lot this dipshit can do about the water shortage either. It's his stupid party, and his even stupider voters, who continue to deny climate change while the farms around here turn into the next great dustbowl thanks to their representatives sticking their heads up their butt from the beginning of the world to date. I guess they think there's this big water spigot in the sky somewhere that you can just turn on and off at will.  Or at least they know they can sucker their voters who having undergone the Breitbart, Limbaugh, Fox News, brain destruction device, actually believe it’s as simple as that.  Maybe him and his lobotomized supporters can have a parade where they do a rain dance solving climate change everywhere once and for all.  Oh wait.  I forgot.  It doesn’t exist to them so scratch that.

He also says he will help veterans. The Republicans spend each election telling you this so that come January, they can start cutting benefits to the Vets once again because still yet, their voters are too stupid to wake up and see that's what they do.  But the GOP will trot the soldiers out out for infinite photo-ops to keep their unquestioning base from seeing what’s really behind the curtain.

And David, all by himself, is going to balance the budget.  Notice he doesn’t say what budget or where.  It could be his household grocery budget for all we know.  In fact, I’d bet on it because the last person to submit a balanced budget in Washington was William Jefferson Clinton and I know Mr. Valadao would hardly model himself after a successful Democrat. 

So another fine candidate in Kern County, with the usual promises piled high in bullshit which is why this county is and always will never be nothing more than a dead end and doormat for the rest of the state.


  1. We have the same ridiculous mailers here.

    1. And the same ridiculous people that believe them no doubt.