Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It’s the Stupidity, Stupid! - 100.0: Yes mom, women can be self hating misogynists as well!

One could argue that those who voted for Führer Trump, did so solely out of racism, homophobia, or misogyny.  And I’m sure most of those people did, although some still are trying to stay in the closet and pretend, “No, it was not I!”

But whether it’s just an acquaintance on Facebook, a friend (or as is more likely, former friend), or even a relative, trying to hide their White Superiority Trashiness, they’re fooling no one.  Least of all me.  

I read somewhere that many of the white bigoted Obama hating woman hating cowards who make up a huge chunk of the electorate, came crawling out of their rat holes to cast their ballots for the first time.  They did this because Trump spoke to them like a godly vision confirming that it was okay to hate minorities and people of color and to publicly cheer them on.  Even last night as Trump was making his victory speech, someone hollered out, “Kill Obama” more than once. 

But really, do we need all those labels?  It all boils down to one thing.  Almost half this country is wallowing in their own stupidity and seem to be damn proud of it.  And there is enough blame to go around for the fact that if these people went looking for their own ass to wipe, they’d probably be hard pressed to find it.

Case in point: Women who support Trump.  It’s not just that they are stupid in regards to their own glorification of bigotry, but when it comes to misogyny, they can out do any man on the planet.   Is it now any wonder that women in this country have such a time gaining equal footing when apparently half of them are filled with self-hatred for themselves and their own gender?

I’ve shared this particular disgusting picture of pure idiocy on Facebook more than once.  The shirt says Trump can feel her pussy, but you just as well put, “Yes, I’m stupid, and I hate myself and every woman I know” on the back.

Honey Boo Boo 

Raw StoryIt’s stupidity run amuck, and a woman who would wear this crap is either desperate for attention, or is so full of self-loathing that she needs a man to tell her she’s worth a plumb nickel.  Even one who makes a habit of bragging about sexual assault.  We can only hope this woman has no offspring to brainwash with her drivel, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

But it gets worse.  I ran across this article at Raw Story which was written before the election where we get these gems:

While it’s jarring to hear a woman defend sexual assault, Robertson isn’t the only female who attends rallies for a candidate who has demonstrated on numerous occasions that he thinks of women as second class citizens who deserve to be called “fat pigs“, or worthless if he doesn’t consider them attractive.

Wisconsin voter Debbie Shields says she believes that Trump is a “loving and compassionate father who was chosen by God “for a time as this.” Another Wisconsin woman who only goes by Shirley also told CNN that Trump’s character flaws aren’t really that big of a deal. She believes Democrats “have no issues they can win on, so all they can do is try to pick on Trump and his character.”

When TYT field reporter Jordan Chariton asked an unidentified female Trump fan whether she would in the very least be happy about the possibility of Hillary becoming the country’s first female president, she replied “Absolutely not. I don’t believe there should be a woman President…I just don’t believe it should be female leaders.”

The writer of the article, goes on to explain it this way:

What I never seem to understand about feminist-bashing conservative women is their inability to see how ironic it is that they attend political rallies, share their opinions and cast their ballots when the America they’re nostalgic about wouldn’t allow them to do any of those things. If a woman thinks that females have no place in politics, why isn’t her deplorable ass in the kitchen making her husband a ham sandwich? Women are not to be heard, right? And to be honest, I wouldn’t mind never hearing from someone that ignorant again.....

This election unequivocally proves that right wing Trump supporters don’t really care about the safety of women. Females have been a convenient prop to fit their discriminatory agenda, but when protecting them becomes inconvenient, the right kicks them to the curb. In fact, as soon as one of their own is accused of harming women in any way, they’re indifferent to say the least.

What I'm wanting to say is that it’s time for women to speak out against the ignorance of those other “ladies” who want to live their life as the ultimate female media stereotype: Dumb and stupid.  You can’t give them a pass anymore than you would Donald Trump, who could title his next book, “The Art of Misogyny: To Serve Man”.  Because unless more of you get on the same page, you’re simply treading water.

So when you see or hear from one of these self-hating, woman demeaning ladies just remember one thing: It’s the stupidity, stupid.

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  1. Still in disbelief although after seeing such hate filled venom and the overwhelming amount of gullibility of the American voter on the Internet I shouldn't be. I really would leave this country if I had the resources and health to do so. This is not my America.