Sunday, May 28, 2017

The United States of White Male Terrorists

Strange how all these White Males going around causing all kinds of death and violence, or doing their best to do so if they don’t get caught first.  Republicans are only interested in terrorism if your skin color is darker or if you’re wearing a hijab.  This despite the fact that most terrorism is home grown.


An Oklahoma father and son were arrested on Wednesday morning after investigators discovered two pipe bombs at the Creek County Courthouse.

Officers say they began looking into the case when a woman discovered that someone had slashed her tires at the courthouse on Tuesday evening.

When she looked inside her vehicle, she told police that she noticed something suspicious on her console. She told dispatchers that she believed that someone put a pipe bomb inside her SUV.

The Tulsa bomb squad was called to the scene and safely removed two pipe bombs that were found in her SUV.

Investigators scoured surveillance footage from the courthouse, which led them to 53-year-old Berry Nichols and 23-year-old Christopher Nichols.

Police say that Berry Nichols confessed to the crime, saying that he and his son were simply trying to scare the woman.

Detectives told KJRH that Berry Nichols was previously charged with shooting with intent to kill for another case involving the victim.

The pair is facing charges of burglary, conspiracy, along with manufacturing, possessing and placing bombs in a motor vehicle.

But I'm sure between these guys and Timothy McVeigh, Oklahoma won't let it put a dent into their fun times and penchant for White Supremacy because these are just aberrations from that creed.

White Dudes

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