Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy Birthday to Marilyn Monroe: A Photographic Tribute

Marilyn Monroe died in August of 1962.  If she had lived on, she would be 91.  I can’t even form a picture in my mind of Marilyn Monroe being 51, let alone 91.  She did not have a huge body of work, but in every film in which she appeared, she lit up the screen.  You couldn’t take your eyes off of her.

If you’re a film collector as I am, you should have most of these films in your library.  All these screenshots were taken from my Blu-ray and DVD’s.  It’s hard to share just one screenshot from each film when there is literally thousands to choose from, but I did my best.

Marilyn will never age.  Not in my mind.  There isn’t a single one of these films that I haven’t viewed multiple times.  On June 11th and 14th, Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies will bring Marilyn back to the big screen with a special showing of Some Like It Hot with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.  Don’t miss this opportunity to see Marilyn on the big screen. 

So Happy Birthday to the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe.
The Asphalt Jungle (1950)
All About Eve (1950)

O'Henry's Full House (1952)Monkey Business (1952)Niagara (1953)Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)There's No Business Like Show Business (1954)River of No Return (1954)The Seven Year Itch (1955)Bus Stop (1956)The Prince and the Showgirl (1957)Some Like It Hot (1959)The Misfits (1961)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The United States of White Male Terrorists

Strange how all these White Males going around causing all kinds of death and violence, or doing their best to do so if they don’t get caught first.  Republicans are only interested in terrorism if your skin color is darker or if you’re wearing a hijab.  This despite the fact that most terrorism is home grown.


An Oklahoma father and son were arrested on Wednesday morning after investigators discovered two pipe bombs at the Creek County Courthouse.

Officers say they began looking into the case when a woman discovered that someone had slashed her tires at the courthouse on Tuesday evening.

When she looked inside her vehicle, she told police that she noticed something suspicious on her console. She told dispatchers that she believed that someone put a pipe bomb inside her SUV.

The Tulsa bomb squad was called to the scene and safely removed two pipe bombs that were found in her SUV.

Investigators scoured surveillance footage from the courthouse, which led them to 53-year-old Berry Nichols and 23-year-old Christopher Nichols.

Police say that Berry Nichols confessed to the crime, saying that he and his son were simply trying to scare the woman.

Detectives told KJRH that Berry Nichols was previously charged with shooting with intent to kill for another case involving the victim.

The pair is facing charges of burglary, conspiracy, along with manufacturing, possessing and placing bombs in a motor vehicle.

But I'm sure between these guys and Timothy McVeigh, Oklahoma won't let it put a dent into their fun times and penchant for White Supremacy because these are just aberrations from that creed.

White Dudes

Thanks to Trump and the GOP, Insurances Rates Will soar (just as I predicted)

RyanI’ve been over and over this again and again.  If you think the Republicans dead-headed single minded purpose to destroy the ACA won’t affect you because you already have insurance, you’re in for a very rude awakening.  Speaking of deadheads, this is what over 60 million of you lazy ass thinkers voted for with your simple minded approach to politics.

But the GOP says they’ll be able to change the outcome if Democrats will only give up their values and shit on the American public along with them.

From the Washington Post:

We now have our first clear evidence that President Trump’s threats to blow up Obamacare — whether or not he actually intends to make good on them — are going to hurt a lot of people here in the real world. In Trump’s mind, these threats are supposed to force Democrats to make a deal on repeal, but minimal logic reveals that this is extremely far-fetched — meaning the only impact his threats will likely have is a destructive one, for no evident purpose whatsoever.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina has announced that it intends to try to raise premiums by 22.9 percent next year. The company says it would have tried to raise them by only 8.8 percent, but it is going for the larger increase because the Trump administration has not said whether it will continue paying the law’s so-called “cost-sharing reductions” (CSRs) to insurance companies, which subsidize out-of-pocket costs for lower-income people who get insurance on the individual markets. Democrats in Congress want to appropriate money to cover these subsidies, but Republicans have not done so.

In an interview with me this morning, Brad Wilson, the president and chief executive of Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, said flat-out that the failure of the Trump administration and Congress to guarantee that these subsidies will continue is why rates are going to soar for hundreds of thousands of people in his state.

“The failure of the administration and the House to bring certainty and clarity by funding CSRs has caused our company to file a 22.9 percent premium increase, rather than one that is materially lower,” Wilson told me. “That will impact hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians.” The company says it has approximately half a million customers getting individual insurance via Obamacare.

“We filed a 22.9 rate increase for 2018 based on the assumption that the CSRs will not be in place,” Wilson also said. “The rate increase would be 8.8 percent if the CSRs were guaranteed for 2018. Because they are not, the rate is 22.9 percent.”

Trump has repeatedly threatened to cut off the CSRs. Doing so could cause many insurers to exit the market, potentially costing millions their insurance, while causing others to dramatically hike premiums. The administration paid them for May, but officials continue to refuse to say whether the payments will continue after that.

But it must be stressed that Trump’s own stated rationale for threatening to cut off the payments is just nonsense. The threat appears rooted in pique over the failure to secure the “win” of repeal. Trump has repeatedly said the threat will force Democrats to the table to make a deal on Obamacare’s future. But Republicans are currently pursuing a repeal-and-replace plan that would do a lot more damage to the law than ending the payments would, so it’s unclear why any Democrats would join them in that effort, in response to a threat to do relatively less (though still severe) damage.

Read more using the link

Trump's Son-in-Law Jared Kushner: Just another Trump bastard who'll take and take and take until there's nothing more to give.

Kushner Properties
This country has turned itself over to The Trump Crime Family.

From the New York Times Magazine:

Warren sent a letter reporting the problem to the complex’s property manager, a company called Sawyer Realty Holdings. When there was no response, she decided to move out. In January 2010, she submitted the requisite form giving two months’ notice that she was transferring her Section 8 voucher — the federal low-income subsidy that helped her pay the rent — elsewhere. The complex’s on-site manager signed the form a week later, checking the line that read “The tenant gave notice in accordance with the lease.”

So Warren was startled in January 2013, three years later, when she received a summons from a private process server informing her that she was being sued for $3,014.08 by the owner of Cove Village. The lawsuit, filed in Maryland District Court, was doubly bewildering. It claimed she owed the money for having left in advance of her lease’s expiration, though she had received written permission to leave. And the company suing her was not Sawyer, but one whose name she didn’t recognize: JK2 Westminster L.L.C.

Warren was raising three children alone while taking classes for a bachelor’s degree in health care administration, and she disregarded the summons at first. But JK2 Westminster’s lawyers persisted; two more summonses followed. In April 2014, she appeared without a lawyer at a district-court hearing. She told the judge about the approval for her move, but she did not have a copy of the form the manager had signed. The judge ruled against Warren, awarding JK2 Westminster the full sum it was seeking, plus court costs, attorney’s fees and interest that brought the judgment to nearly $5,000. There was no way Warren, who was working as a home health aide, was going to be able to pay such a sum. “I was so desperate,” she said.

If the case was confounding to Warren, it was not unique. Hundreds like it have been filed over the last five years by JK2 Westminster and affiliated businesses in the state of Maryland alone, where the company owns some 8,000 apartments and townhouses. Nor was JK2 Westminster quite as anonymous as its opaque name suggested. It was a subsidiary of a large New York real estate firm called Kushner Companies, which was led by a young man whose initials happened to be J.K.: Jared Kushner.

I made it through the article and there are other incidences of this type cited. It's just another Trump scam to squeeze every nickel or dime out of those who can least afford it, and to do it for no other reason then that they can. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. But with Trump as president that's an every day occurrence. Use the link at the top to read the whole unabridged article.

Dan Rather on Donald Trump’s Lack of empathy.

Trump Car 2While Donald Trump had no trouble tweeting congratulations to a Republican shit stain that body slammed a reporter, he has not even acknowledged the heroic actions of a college graduate and an army veteran father of four.  So much for Republicans giving a shit about Veterans.

These two men gave their lives protecting the lives of two teenage girls, one of whom was wearing a hijab.  They didn’t have too. Earlier I saw a video of a man sucker punching a guy with cerebral palsy, and two onlookers did absolutely nothing about it but walked away as if it were nothing.  In the larger scheme of things, we’re well on our way to making these kind of incidents the norm.

If there’s an act of hate spewed out by the bigotry, hatred, and racism of those who support the GOP (and there are many) they completely ignore the sacrifice and blood shed of those heroes who don’t fit their political agenda.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if by next Memorial Day, the Fake News Crowd spews, “Remember those who died in battle, except for the Democrats, the black soldiers, the Hispanic soldiers, etc. etc. etc.”

Dan is probably wasting his breath here.  But the point is well made.

Dan RatherJoy Reid